Lanie Lucas Photography
Chaos and Love Presented in Stunning Images


b. 1986, HK.

Photo by Michael Bush Mobley

Photo by Michael Bush Mobley

 Loves :

  • My two girls and my dog

  • People & their stories

  • Deep Colors

  • Adventures

  • Starry Skies

  • Araucana Chickens

  • Broken Rice

  • Reading

  • Making 'things'

  • Yoga

  • Indie & Foreign Films

  • Poster & Printing Art

The Artist:

Hi there! That's me! Thanks for connecting! I'm Lanie. I have such gratitude for you!

I'm a creative, a wanderlust, and a lifelong learner. My children bring me my greatest joy. We love to create, get outside, dance and practice yoga together.  I believe in the power of conversation and bridge building, that opposing view points are gifts to be appreciated and honored. I believe that God has given each of us a beautiful part to play and that all of our stories are to be honored and celebrated regardless of the circumstances. I don't mind feeling uncomfortable and I love culture shock. If I had life any way I wanted it, it would be with a backpack globe trotting with my girls.   

Just like everyone else I have had my share of sad stories. Divorces, broken families, siblings lost and found, addiction, depression, miscarriage, and ridicule. Sadly, not everyone gets to make dreams and follow them; life just isn't that straight forward. There are so many difficult paths behind me. I believe that by focusing on joy and gratitude so much of our personal strife can be overcome.  I truly want to share the joy and gratitude I see in relationships and people around me, because I think sometimes, we fail to see it; we get lost in the rhythm of everyday survival. Missing out on the everyday joy is far too easy to do!

As an artist, I am joy-focused for that reason. To have joy doesn’t mean that every day, every post, every image is happy, it means finding peace and fulfillment in the midst of the chaos of life. I seek out the joy in my own life and fiercely protect it.  It is my mission to create joy-focused art that will be a wellspring of gratitude and love for a lifetime. I can’t wait to see what we create together!