Lanie Lucas Photography
Chaos and Love Presented in Stunning Images


b. 1986, HK.


Loves :

  • People
  • Deep Colors
  • Adventures
  • Starry Skies
  • Araucana Chickens
  • Broken Rice
  • Reading
  • Making 'things' 
  • Yoga
  • Indie & Foreign Films
  • Poster & Printing Art                         

I have been a student of photography both informally and formally for 20 years. My business began in 2012 after my husband was laid off and we needed extra income. What a joy it has been to watch my passion turn into what it is today. I am unavoidably a creative at heart and I specialize in working with my clients to create meaningful art that is meant to be preserved and valued in a time of selfies and snapchats. I love this beautiful chaotic, messy, thing we share called life, just as it is. Let's capture it and make something great.  


Photo by the fabulous Kelsey Kuns

Photo by the fabulous Kelsey Kuns