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Website & Business Re-Launch!

I am so excited today to launch not just my new streamlined website but my new creative driven process. I have completely redesigned things behind the scenes to give my new clients the best kind of experience no matter what type of .

Overall my long term clients will notice not just a new website but a new customer experience. I grew to love my engagement sessions. We got to know each other, we planned something special, a real adventure, and created something memorable in every session. I realized that not just my couples but my families would enjoy the same process. Why not? 

Moving forward I will be bringing the same creative process I had previously reserved only for my seniors and couples to all of my sessions! Each session will now include the whole planning process, pre consult, I arrange all of the permits and schedule, hair and makeup for platinum sessions, and studio time if we choose. I'll come and help pick out colors and clothing and see what you might envision in your home so we can keep that in mind during shooting. 

The day of our session we can then take as long as we need to. Having an idea of what we want to create will tell us what we need to capture and already knowing each other, we can just relax and have fun with each other. Hiking, camping, starlight, history, horse rides, urban art, you name it. (Travel fees may apply). 

After your session I get to work making magic from what we captured together. Spending time either getting to know or hearing about everyone I generally know what is really unique to each person and can highlight those little personality quirks. 

Then comes your reveal party! Invite other family members over to see what we created and the fun we had. Send them off for h'ordeuvres and we will finish your designs and ordering. During your reveal party we can design gallery collections and see them on your wall even before we order them.  You aren't obligated to purchase anything and can choose from fine art prints, framed prints, gallery wrap canvases, folio boxes, or digital images. 

I am SO excited to see 2017!

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