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Mother & Child Classically Styled Portraits for 2018

Oh my goodness so much has changed in the last year. Among other things getting settled in cross country and let me tell you, what a chaos! What a wild ride! In getting my business resettled, I met this lovely mother and her sweet family. This is Jessica Batson, one of my incredibly talented go-to Hair and Makeup Artists. If you opt for Hair and Makeup with me, you will most likely meet Jessica. Because my business mission is joy-centered I surround myself with talented, joyful people who inspire me and encourage me. Jessica and her sweet son were the perfect subjects for our for this year's classically styled studio mother & child portraits. 

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As with most littles, we take some time to run around in circles and comeback for a quick sit with mom, a peck on the cheek, or even a quick breast feed. Its all about just creating a relaxed environment so that we are ready to play. Its important to me to surround all of the littles with love and respect. 

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I love to study art. The way the artists might envision the light falling on a subject or over an impressionist landscape, the color set selected for a Hopper painting, or even the drama and shadows of Goya. I am constantly inspired by art. Motherhood has been a huge theme in my work lately. I wish I could put more of it on the blog faster. Its deeply meaningful to me as a mother and as many of you, my own family struggles growing up. 

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I think that motherhood is a quite sacred concept. Its something like a religion for each woman who takes it on. We are constantly second guessing ourselves, challenging the boundaries of our own growth and circumstance, and taking on the great responsibility of shaping a whole entire person, sometimes several persons at a time. None of that is lost on a good mother. She is the one who cares, even when it feels like we are surely doing it wrong, the mere fact that we love means that yes, we are in fact, attaining 'motherhood'. 

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Whether we work, stay home, exclusively breastfeed, formula feed, cook organic food, had a c-section, or natural water birth, or any birth at all, for those of you raising a person and loving the person they are now and honoring the person they will be, we are mothers. 

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This shoot is meant to honor all of that. Join Jessica and I for a session between May 18-20 for your own classically styled mother's portrait. Then come back to choose your images and select from beautiful frames, canvases, or fine art prints to create a truly special and timeless piece of art for your home.  The session fee includes hair and makeup at Jessica's studio near downtown Fort Worth, and your 30 minute session in studio nearby.  Visit to book. 

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