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The art of Patience and Vitality: Kaylie & Anders Maternity Session

Some years the leaves finally turn and then promptly fall off the trees giving photographers and venues anxiety as they try to predict and pinpoint when to hold events that count on the leaves being stuck on the trees. This year was different though. The leaves hung on and on and on. When this session was booked, we had been sure that the leaves and the beautiful weather would have been behind us. But, we were blessed for Kaylie and Ander's session. 


Kaylie is just the picture of vitality and health, actually glowing in the very last few weeks of her pregnancy. Their home perfectly ready, waiting for their baby boy. 


Kaylie's shower theme had been  storybooks and their nursery is filled with elements that inspire adventure. A world map looks over the crib, and characters from around the world wait to meet for a baby boy.

There is peace in this home and peace in these faces and hearts as they have finally made it through their long wait for baby.  

I was so sad that the second round of illness in our house kept me from meeting this baby boy.  I truly look forward to hearing about all the giggles and adventures they have in the years to come. 

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