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A River Farm Styled Wedding Session

I worked with Shehar Banu (Decor Haus), River Farm in Alexandria, Strong Oaks Woodshop, and Conklyn's Florist to put together this incredible day. This was our first time to try putting together a shoot like this and we certainly learned a great deal but were very pleased with the day! 

River Farm ( is a gorgeous turn of the 20th century estate situated just a little north of the famous Mt. Vernon on the shores of the Potomac River. This estate is run by the American Horticultural Society and it shows in the incredible flora to be found on the grounds. No matter the season you will find glorious mixtures of plants and architecture to surround yourself with. Even if you aren't hosting an event they have an incredible children's play area that includes an outdoor chalkboard, mounds to crawl over, tunnels to crawl through, and so much more. 

Strong Oaks Woodshop ( is located out in Front Royal and must be the most interesting woodshop you could visit. Their building started out as a woodshop in the late 19th century and has been through many evolutions, returning to its roots with Mike and his incredible hive of craftsmen and women. All of their pieces are crafted out of wood with character, much of it reclaimed wood. Whether it is reclaimed wood or custom made metal the quality in their work is immediately evident. Despite their reclaimed/rustic appeal, they also include many classic styles into their furniture design which I think makes their pieces much more timeless than many of the other industrial styled reclaimed furniture out there now. Their staff couldn't be more generous and knowledgeable either. 


Conklyn's Florist  ( is a long time Alexandria establishment and David runs a great crew. If you are ever in need of an interesting thing to do at 6am on a Saturday, grab a warm coffee and head over to talk to Jimmy. Visit their freezer and select some fresh foliage and flowers for your home. Talk about design. You must see the stunning cascading bouquet they created on a quick turn around too. 


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